Protect Youth Against Dope

The Hearst newspapers, which have crusaded unceasingly against the NARCOTIC EVIL in all its various forms, are gratified to know that Narcotic Education Week is centering attention upon the Marijuana PROBLEM.

Legal authorities, while increasingly vigilant against other habit-forming drugs, have permitted the marijuana cigarette to become a NATIONAL MENACE.

One of the consequences, according to Ethel Schiller, sociologist of the Chicago Women's Court, is that SIXTY PER CENT of all juvenile delinquents are victims of the drug.

ADMIRAL RICHMOND P. HOBSON, President of the World Narcotics Defense Association, says:

'The warfare on the dope ring has made much progress. At the same time the enemy has developed a very dangerous new field, the exploitation of marijuana cigarettes, which is especially menacing and destructive of our youth.'

The marijuana cigarette is one of the most INSIDIOUS of all forms of dope, largely because of the failure of the public to understand its fatal qualities.

The nation is almost defenseless against it, having no federal laws to cope with it and virtually no organized campaign for combating it.

The result is tragic.

High school boys and girls buy the destructive weed without knowledge of its capacity for harm, and conscienceless dealers sell it with impunity.


The fatal marijuana cigarette must be recognized as a DEADLY DRUG and America's children must be PROTECTED AGAINST IT.

(Tämä Hearstin sanomalehdissä julkaistu kirjoitus on uudelleenjulkaistu kokonaisuudessaan osoitteesta

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